What is Be.You. ?

Be.You. is a young persons support service from the charity Mind & Skin 

We recognise that young people are poorly recognised in both mental and dermatological health care. Be.You. is a social space where young people can interact with each other and health professionals. The aim of this social space is to take away the isolation often felt by young people who suffer from skin issues and to give them a voice.

Be.You. is the first truly participatory and engaging online support service for young people. Not only can young people participate in creative art projects, they can also engage and communicate with leading health practitioners.

Everyone at Mind & Skin hopes you enjoy using Be.You. and benefit from the services we offer.

Art is freedom!

The art on our Be.You. website comes from every corner of the world. We seek all forms of artistic expression whether it is painting, drawings, writing and photography. By achieving this we have created a singular and global community of young dermatology patients expressing themselves to a wider audience.

We believe the psychological impact of a skin condition is universal across every young person.

Recent Portfolios

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